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My Practice

I practice Oriental Medicine, particularly Five Element and Eight Principle styles. I trained with Chinese doctors who practice Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am licensed in Minnesota and nationally certified.


My practice has been at the same location for over twenty years at the corner of 43rd Street and Vincent Avenue South in Linden Hills. The #6 bus stops a block away at 43rd Street and Upton Avenue South, and there are NiceRide bikes at that corner also. Street parking is available nearby. There is a pleasant village at the intersection where you can have a cup of tea or dine, or walk another block or two to Lake Harriet.


Allow an hour and a half for your first visit, and an hour for each session after that. Usually clothes don't need to be removed, but often I need to use points at the knees or elbows, so it's best to wear loose clothing. Come for your session neither hungry nor full from just having eaten; allow an hour after eating or before eating after a session.

I do not process insurance, but will provide you receipts so you can submit your claims. Payment is with cash or a check.



I believe in the deep blue sky and the smiling water.
I can see through the clouds of the sky and I am not afraid of the waves of the sea.
I believe in the living friendship given by flowers and trees; outwardly they die, but in the heart they live forever.
Little paths through green woods I love, and the sound of leaves on the ground, or of a nut falling, or even of a breaking twig.
I believe that the days to come already feel the wonder of the days that have passed, and will permit that wonder to endure and increase.
I believe in and love my belief in, and my love for, all of these things: and most of all I believe in and love The Source of my belief and of my love.